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~ October 2000

My first 19x19 made from medium density fibreboard - MDF. The lines are engraved and filled with black ink.

The stones are handmade - I'll never do it again!
Here I experimented with different ways of engraving the lines:
  1. with broach(?) as the 19x19 above
  2. grinded with drill


June 2001

I was not satisfied with engraving the lines. And since it did not seem to be necessary, I abandoned it.

This goban is made from glued staffs of fir. The wood was quite cheap (12€ or something) but had some dead branches in it.

This was the first time I used oil for finishing the surface. And I'll stick with it!

August 2002

A ready-to-get-lines goban from 28mm thick 'multiplex'-board (fine plywood) of birch with milled edges.

This time the lines will get drawn via screen-print!

September 2002

This goban is made of staffs of maple. It's some 6cms thick.
This one is made from the same log as the above. The wood is not as good, though. It's some 5cms thick and has a irregularity (dead branch) on the side that has been stressed.
Go to my german pages for more information on making gobans with detailed explainations.
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