"It's more like ... like a soldier fighting for his country and killing one of the enemy.""That's what I said: murder." ('Shibumi' by Trevanian, p.205) A pacifist is not really a pacifist if he is unable to make a choice between violence and non-violence. A true pacifist is able to kill or maim in the blink of an eye, but at the moment of impending destruction of the enemy he chooses non-violence. Absorb what is useful; reject what is useless. (Jeet Kune Do) (Bruce Lee) Aikido is also populated with annoying lunatics who think that the martial arts are a sacred pursuit. (http://www.24fightingchickens.com/shotokan/101/09_character.html) Aikido is never violent. But I am. Aikido is the art of hitting uke with the planet. Aikido ist ein reiner Esotheriker-Sport, mit dem man vielleicht nach 20 Jahren Studium etwas anfangen koennte, aber dann sicher nicht mehr will. (http://www.gungfu.de/aikido/) Aikido ist nicht kraftlos, nur kraftoptimiert. (Martin Haeusler in <b89fek$fi0$2@rznews2.rrze.uni-erlangen.de>) Aikido works. Your aikido doesn't. Don't confuse the two. Anwälte brauchen nur die, die keinen Mut haben, selber zu schiessen. (John Perry Barlow / "Grateful Dead") As a Modern Samurai, you know the sword is raised. To step aside when it comes down on you, you'll need to be clear and present, to have no regrets or other considerations. And when the moment eventually arrives that you can no longer step aside - as it must - you can meet your death as a samurai, with no regrets. (George Leonard; The way of aikido, p. 188) (George Leonard) Before I have to hit him I hope he's got the sense to run. (Grateful Dead - Alabama Getaway) Better do it slow and correct than fast and wrong. (Tai Chi, Aikido - whatever) but aikido seems better fit to aid you when some local goons don't know the meaning of peace. (In einem Vergleich zwischen Kendo und Aikido...) Cause I'd rather be judged by twelve than carried by six. (http://www.aikidovt.org/newsletter/issue2/ish2_art4.html) Derjenige, fuer den die physische Auseinandersetzung, der Kampf, unausweichlich geworden ist, hat einen Kampf bereits verloren. (Morihei Ueshiba, Begründer des Aikido) Do not fight to win, fight to end it. Does harmony mean (to you) that everyone has to agree? Doing budo is not about who can beat who, it's not about which art is better. Find an art and a dojo that suits you and hang in there. It's all about YOU learning, growing, exploring. Don't fight forces, use them. (Buckminster Fuller - http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Buckminster_Fuller) Drittens, und das ist zugegebenermassen Ansichtssache, frage ich Ukes die nicht mitspielen wollen immer, ob sie den Unterschied zwischen Uke und Schnitzel kennen. (Uwe Kloss in drsb ueber nicht kooperierende Aikidopartner) Erlaube dem Gegner dorthin zu gehen, wohin er will - ändere ihm den Weg, wenn er es will, und danach erlaube ihm dorthin zu fallen, wohin er will. (übersetzt aus dem Polnischen; http://aikido.piwko.pl/aikido.html) Es gibt kuehne Kaempfer und es gibt alte Kaempfer, aber es gibt nur wenige kuehne alte Kaempfer. Expect nothing. Be ready for anything. (Samurai-Spruch) Float like a butterfly - sting like a bee. (Muhammad Ali) Fuer die einen schon. Fuer die anderen ist es das laengste Philosophiestudium der Welt. (Thomas 'point' Friedrichs ueber Kampfkunst in <bij4kt$55j$05$1@news.t-online.com>) Fuer die Gewaltlosigkeit ist Schlagkraft Voraussetzung ... Sie laesst sich nicht mechanisch verwirklichen. Sie ist die hoechste Tugend des Herzens, und man erwirbt sie durch UEbung ... Gewaltlosigkeit, die nur den Koerper angeht, ohne dass der Geist mitwirkt, ist die Gewaltlosigkeit des Schwachen und des Feiglings; keinerlei Kraft kann von (Mahatma Gandhi) Fully knowing it to beA matter of life and death before usWe may chose to withdrawBut the enemy will not allow it. (Morihei Ueshiba, Begründer des Aikido) Grundsaetzlich bedeutet Krieg kaempfen, denn kaempfen ist das einzig wirkungsvolle Prinzip unter den vielen Taetigkeiten, die allgemein fuer den Krieg bestimmt sind. (Carl von Clausewitz) I am never defeated, however fast the enemy may attack. It is not because my technique is faster than that of the enemy. It is not a question of speed. The fight is finished before it is begun. (Morihei Ueshiba, Begründer des Aikido) I don't believe that achieving altered states of consciousness magically perfects your character any more than punching and kicking does. (http://www.24fightingchickens.com/shotokan/101/09_character.html) I don't have to be faster than a bullet, I just have to be faster than the guy with the gun. (Mike Haynack) I don't think it is any more moral to hit people hard with the ground than with your fist. (http://www.aikiweb.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=53709) I tend to think of Go as the mental component of the martial arts. (Janice Kim, Go professional) I think people forget that NO technique is expected when you are fighting someone on the street. ( I'd rather have a hard time on the mat and a good time in the bar than the other way around. (http://www.aikiweb.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=48034#post48034) Ich habe schon einen Analphabeten getroffen, der viel mehr vom Karate versteht als ich. (Der war uebrigens der Meinung, dass die ganzen intellektuellen Schwafelkoeppe deshalb zum Aikido gehen, weil sie da nicht so hart arbeiten muessen.) (Nele Abels in <3F200C2D.20503@netscape.net>) If Aikido doesn't look a little fake then it isn't real aikido. (Gozo Shioda nach Robert Twigger in 'Angry white pyjamas', p. 43) If one makes a distinction between the dojo and the battlefield, or being in your bedroom or in public, then when the time comes there will be no opportunity to make amends. If someone can't take this kind of heat, they shouldn't be anywhere NEAR the kitchen. (Ron Tisdale auf e-budo.com) If you do kata that is 'alive,' i.e., that has real meaning and intent, and you do it long enough and deliberately enough, it just might, it just really might, be a way to develop deadly reactions. (http://listserv.uoguelph.ca/cgi-bin/wa?A2=ind9512&L=iaido-l&P=R5618&m=4280) If you have never met an Aikidoist that you would not want to meet in a dark alley you have either been walking around with your eye's closed or not walking very far. ( Im Krieg, mehr als auf allen anderen Gebieten, muss man damit beginnen die Natur des Ganzen anzusehen, denn hier - mehr als irgendwo anders - muss man den Teil und das Ganze immer zusammen betrachten. (Carl von Clausewitz) In Aikido, we always want to make the ideal movement.[...]In Aikido, we want to make the most beautiful technique, and we fail.Still, the purpose is to make the most perfect technique.That's what we have to remember but we forget it very easily. (Christian Tissier -> http://www.aiki.com/sneak/tissier.html) In Japan, a country full of martial artists... it's what they teach the police. (Talking about Aikido's ineffectiveness in <Q0ywa.3361$hc2.616@newsfep1-gui.server.ntli.net>) It's not about who's right...it's about who's left when the argument is over. Its like fire an[sic!] oil, or willpower and fat people. (BillMahoney68 in rec.martial-arts) Jaques, 7.dan: 'Do the technique that way (zeigt die Technik).Joerg, 5.kyu: 'Sure?'Jaques: 'Yes, sure.' (Auf einem Aikido-Lehrgang.) Karate is a form of martial arts in which people who have had years and years of training can, using only their hands and feet, make some of the worst movies in the history of the world. (Dave Barry) Keep your thumb away from the sharp side. (The philosophy of the way of the sword) Learn fierce techniques of horrible war, until eventually sword becomes 'no sword', intention becomes 'no intention', a spontaneous knowledge of every situation. Love of the enemy is a very strict love. Sometimes, for the protection of others, that love means destruction (...). But the personal ego cannot be involved. (Mitsugi Saotome Sensei) Mike Tyson is to martial arts what Giligan was to sailing. (<3C7C686F.A8AF6518@sympatico.com.nospam>) Nicht zu kaempfen heisst niemals zu verlieren. No one wins a fight - you can only survive fights. Non-violence should never be used as a shield for cowardice. It was a weapon of the brave. (Mahatma Gandhi) Ohne selbst in gewissem Sinn zu verrohen (indem die Umschaltzeit zwischen friedfertigem Kerl und Killer immer kuerzer wird), gewinnst Du NULL fuer die SV. (Thomas 'point' Friedrichs in <b47mnp$11e$07$3@news.t-online.com>) Regetably, I remember another Aikido teacher wanted to join our small group of three students [of iaido]. On his very first evening, he pushed the shoulder of Ebihara Sensei a little and said, 'I don't think you are keeping your 'one point'.' Ebihara Sensei just sat down and that was the last lesson anyone ever had, he did not say a word. (Kensho Furuya auf http://www.aikiweb.com/forums/showthread.php?postid=53991) Reiner Pazifismus funktioniert nicht. Reiner Idealismus ist naiv. (Ingo Bojak in <slrnbkra1b.8sq.ibojak@cole.bsee.swin.edu.au>) Self-defence teaches us how not to be a victim. This is a negative approach, and is realised through overcoming others. Budo teaches us not to be an aggressor. This is a positive approach, and is realised through overcoming oneself. (Tron Furu in drsb: <FibK9.615$CG6.13648@news4.e.nsc.no>) So unless you're a lush, under the age of 16, or you do it forsport or money [...], you're wasting yourtime if you study your art for purposes of 'self-defense'. (<8c0p3v45l5rmmht6rtesbjtb8uc235ige4@4ax.com>) The difference between training and reality (and between a competitive sport and a martial way) is well illustrated by the aikidoka who responded to a challenge from a judo man by showing up with a live sword tucked in his belt. (David Lynch) The time to win a fight is before it starts. (Frederick W. Lewis) The Warrior may choose pacifism; all others are condemned to it. (Bob Orlando, Kampfkuenstler) There are two ways of getting good at aikido; don't quit and don't die. (http://ibaraki-bryan.blogspot.com/2005/04/there-are-two-ways-of-getting-good-at.html) To me, the proof of the pudding is this: if [insert your BUDO here] helps build a superior moral, ethical, and personable human being, then why are so many senior instructors of [insert your BUDO here] such pricks? (Taken and modified from http://www.24fightingchickens.com/shotokan/101/09_character.html) True swordsmanship is a matter of a hundredth of an inch. (http://www.furyu.com/archives/issue9/jubei.html) Turn on, log in, fight spam. Verneige dich vor deinem Gegenueber, wenn er vor dich tritt - schicke ihn auf seinen Weg, wenn er dich verlaesst. (Morihei Ueshiba, Begründer des Aikido) We shout during the fight to get into rhythm. (Miyamoto Musashi, 'Book of five rings') Weich ist staerker als hart, Wasser staerker als Fels, Liebe staerker als Gewalt. (Hermann Hesse) Wenn Du gewinnst, lerne ich von Dir, wenn ich gewinne, gebe ich Deiner Frau Geld fuers Krankenhaus. (Chen Fake nach Ingo Bojak, <slrnb6d4it.3n4.ibojak@cole.bsee.swin.edu.au>) Wenn Du sagst, Du bist Aikidoka, wird Dir im Zweifelsfall ein Gruener Tee und ein Oeko-Bienenstich gereicht. Und dann wirst Du darum gebeten doch mal auf die kleinen Kinder aufzupassen und bei der Gelegenheit deren Aura zu ueberpruefen. (Ingo Bojak in <slrnbck33q.4v2.ibojak@cole.bsee.swin.edu.au>) Wenn ich an meinem Willen klebe, mich dem Schei**kerl *nicht* anzupassen, biete ich ein festes Ziel in Raum und Zeit. Dann habe ich 'einen festen Standpunkt'... (Thomas 'point' Friedrichs in <b47mnp$11e$07$3@news.t-online.com>) Wer kaempft, kann verlieren. Wer nicht kaempft, hat schon verloren. (Bertolt Brecht) Wer redet wie ein Schwarzgurt, der kann auch fallen wie ein Schwarzgurt. (Steffen Glückselig) What you do with aikido off the mat is really more important than what you do with it on the mat. (Mitsugi Saotome Sensei) What you need to do is expose yourself to the weakness of your technique. ( When you practice a technique and your partner smiles, it is modern Aikido. If he screams, it is Daito ryu. (http://www.niagara.com/~zain/html/aikido.htm) Why is it that aikido attracts all the sissies? You take some guy, he's 5' 8'', skinny as a pencil, soft, flip-wristed and passive, eats bean sprouts and carrot juice for lunch... and one day he decides to 'study martial arts.' 99.9999% of the time, he'll pick aikido. (Ron M. in <d7fc3008.0310170805.7a26795e@posting.google.com>) Words ought to be a little wild for they are the assault of thoughts on the unthinking. (John Maynard Keynes - http://www.24fightingchickens.com/) You believe you're doing something correctly or think you already know 'this' or 'that'- then you take a good look at yourself when practicing. Watching yourself for that detail, you may find different, if you were truly listening. (http://www.e-budo.com/vbulletin/showthread.php?postid=54791#post54791) You could start teaching people ultra lethal street effective full contact fighting and if the dojo got large enough it would eventually turn into something like TKD. (<5a1f8e9a.0207251125.765e3d8a@posting.google.com>) [Aikido is...] origami with people. (Lynn Seiser in <20020422094944.11100.00001142@mb-ca.aol.com>)