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All editor programmers are deemed to re-create emacs again, unless they're writing emacs.


I love the smell of geek rage in the morning.


I use emacs, which might be thought of as a thermonuclear word processor. It was created by Richard Stallman; enough said. It is written in Lisp, which is the only computer language that is beautiful. It is colossal, and yet it only edits straight ASCII text files, which is to say, no fonts, no boldface, no underlining. In other words, the engineer-hours that, in the case of Microsoft Word, were devoted to features like mail merge, and the ability to embed feature-length motion pictures in corporate memoranda, were, in the case of emacs, focused with maniacal intensity on the deceptively simple-seeming problem of editing text. If you are a professional writer—i.e., if someone else is getting paid to worry about how your words are formatted and printed—emacs outshines all other editing software in approximately the same way that the noonday sun does the stars. It is not just bigger and brighter; it simply makes everything else vanish.

Neal Stephensonhttp://www.theserverside.com/discussions/thread.tss?thread_id=61651

If you really want to snatch the pebble from the sweaty palm of the hairy Common Lisp programmer drinking dark beer in the corner, go grok keyboard macros, and then realize that all programming is writing programs that write programs.

Joseph Miklojcikhttp://jfm3-repl.blogspot.com/2007/09/emacs-tricks-6-keyboard-macros.html
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