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Version by 17th of August 2000

What to do with JText2Sgfs

I coded this to use it with Forte's news- and email-reader "Agent". Perhaps it works with other reader as well. Perhaps it's not necessary with other reader at all.

The problem was that there always come quite some emails with game-records in my "Go-Server"-Folder together. And I don't like to save all of them by hand, one by one, since Agent doesn't work another way. So I decided to write this little program.

Now I can select all the emails with games from a go-server and save this bunch with "Files" -> "Save Messages As" in a single text-file. JText2Sgfs now extracts the sgf-files from that text-file and saves it under the name given by sgf's GN-tag. If a file of that name already exists a digit is appended.