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templates for printing gobans


Please note that I created a little script that will generate a template much to your wishes automatically.
Naturally this script is publically available: Making Gobans - creating lines and hoshi

On this page you'll find templates for 9x9 and 19x19 gobans.

The dimensions used correspond exactly to the standard-sizes for gobans as defined on the previous page (german). That means the lines and spaces match well with the standard size of stones of 22.5mm for black and a bit larger for white stones.

The lines are 1mm thick.
The frame in some images indicates what the size of an actual goban would be.

Hoshi: 4mm in diameter

9 x 9 with frame

4mmHoshi__9x9_frame.gif 34KByte (almost any image-viewer)
4mmHoshi__9x9_frame.pdf 13KByte (Acrobat Reader)
4mmHoshi__9x9_frame.eps 360KByte (PostScript)

19 x 19 w/o frame

4mmHoshi_19x19.gif 136KByte (almost any image-viewer)
4mmHoshi_19x19.eps 1,4MByte (PostScript)

Hoshi: 3mm in diameter

9 x 9 with frame

3mmHoshi__9x9_frame.gif 38KByte (almost any image-viewer)
3mmHoshi__9x9_frame.pdf 13KByte (Acrobat Reader)
3mmHoshi__9x9_frame.eps 360KByte (PostScript)

9 x 9 w/o frame

3mmHoshi__9x9.gif 30KByte (almost any image-viewer)
3mmHoshi__9x9.eps 300KByte (PostScript)

13 x 13 with frame

3mmHoshi_13x13_frame.gif 60KByte (almost any image-viewer)
3mmHoshi_13x13_frame.eps 650KByte (PostScript)

19 x 19 w/o frame

3mmHoshi_19x19.gif 145KByte (almost any image-viewer)
3mmHoshi_19x19.eps 1,4MByte (PostScript)


The 9x9 is very easy to print: just print ;-). The 19x19 is propably more complicated since it does not fit on a single page. I have not tried it myself, yet.