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Opera Customizing

Here you'll find my setup for the Opera browser. Screenshot of Opera-window
(click image to enlarge)
On the image to the right you can see how my current (27.11.2004) setup looks like.

My current setting (27.11.2004)

As of now from my customizations I am using only the ones changing the keyboards- and mouse-settings.

Additionally I am using the Web Development Toolbar by NonTroppo. A very handy thing to have.

Currently the Breeze-skin is my favorite since it maximizes screen real estate and does not distract from content.

See the following text for more customizations and links to other pages.


Simply drag'n'drop to your toolbar. More on creating your own buttons can be found on Custom Buttons to Drag'n'Drop into your Opera 7.

A list of se7-files for engines I've added via Opsed.


Things from external sources...



My favorite skins are

  1. Breeze -- all time most favorite (02.01.2005)
  2. Qute (direct download)
  3. Minimalist native (direct download)
  4. Carthago by scipio. (Link to the skins page of Scipio) --24.02.2004
  5. Joergs Safrad (08.10.2004)
  6. Flat Skin v0.2 my new favorite - after Carthago for a long time - (08.10.2004)

You can get more on Opera 7 Skins/Themes.


Keyboard Download ini-file


I try to give most commands via the keyboard. So my keyboard-setup is under constant change and evolution.
Following are the current changes.


Mouse gestures Download ini-file


The mouse gestures are very comfortable to control Opera with. I changed it's behavior to better fit my preferences.



Opera - since version 7.10, I think - makes it quite easy to adopt customizations. Simply clicking one of the following links to the according ini-file will start the process: Opera downloads the ini, changes the settings and then asks whether these new settings should be kept. So at least for the toolbar and the menu one can see the new look before deciding to keep or abandon it.

Other tweaks


There's also a category on Opera in my blog. This might be the most up to date place to look for 'things Opera' on my site.