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Braitenberg - Vehicles

What's to be done?

With the left mousebutton an object of the class indicated at the top left corner of the
applet-window is positioned.

The right mousebutton changes to the next class of objects.

The applet could not be loaded...
This is most likely due to your browser - not my inability. I'd guess you are using Internet Explorer!?

The classes of objects appear in the order

1 light Licht
2 anxiety Angst black
3 aggressiveness Aggressiv blue
4 love Liebe red
5 curiosity Neugier green
6 gyroscope Kreisel yellow

To start the simulation simply hit the right mousebutton once more after the class of gyroscopic agents.

You will have to reload the page to start again...

What does this mean?

The simple wiring of sensors and effectors is supposed to show that seemingly intelligent - or at least complex - behavior might result form mechanistic reactions to stimulations.

The idea of using vehicles as the ones above to demonstrate that possibility was used by Valentin Braitenberg.